StoryCheck is the web application of Cleviria born to give an operative support to Retailers in the management of Control, Evaluation and Assistance activities.

As all the others Cleviria’s applications, the model it follows is the one of integrated and “cooperative” workflow.

This approach concretizes in the immediate assignment of control tasks by roles and functions, according to the needs of process and approbative flows, tracking work progresses and providing “real time” reports of the activities, evaluations and performances made.

With StoryCheck:


  • Checklists, unlimited possibility of creating various of them on the basis of the different objectives and functions.

  • Evaluation and rating criteria of each checklist.

  • Reports and data elaboration (comparisons, performances, statistics, etc…).

  • Plans of improvement and assistance.


  • Visit, control and Follow up activities (implementation of improvement plans).

  • Actors’ involvement in the control process by roles and functions

  • Terms and times of intervention.

  • Single results.
  • Statistics of the data obtained.
  • Work progress.


  • Calendars of visit and control activities.
  • Results, reports and ratings with the figures engaged (i.e. Sales, Marketing, Technical staff, Points of Sale, etc…).


  • With no software installation, accessing directly from the browser.

  • On Cloud, data are always available and accessible.

  • Georeferencing collections and elaborations.

  • Easily interfacing with other softwares.