Marzo 2017

Cleviria convinces “Europe” with Thela

By |Marzo 20th, 2017|

Cleviria has been selected as partner of TCBL European project.  

TCBL – Textile & Clothing Business Labs is project for textile and clothing funded by the European Commission with Horizon 2020 program.
Prato Municipality is first in line in this partnership which includes […]

SMEs, companies grow up thanks to technology

By |Marzo 16th, 2017|

Digital revolution doesn’t affect only big corporates but it is becoming an increasingly necessary condition even for SMEs.

Despite European SMEs are fully aware of the advantages that the implementation of digital tools and procedures would bring, the fear of high […]

Febbraio 2017

ERP on Cloud: the best management software for businesses is the one on cloud

By |Febbraio 28th, 2017|

Even the management software is web-based, providing more accessibility and immediacy thanks to on Cloud ERP solutions.
Firstly we have to clarify the meaning of the acronym ERP, term deriving from “Enterprise Resources Planning”, in information technology we refer to it […]

Non-financial reporting: in Italian Official Gazette the implementation of European directive

By |Febbraio 9th, 2017|

The Legislative Decree for the implementation of the European directive on non-financial information reporting has been published.
On 10 January 2017 has been published on the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic n.7, the Legislative Decree 30 December 2016, n.254, of […]

Gennaio 2017

Enterprise softwares: what companies really want from a business application?

By |Gennaio 31st, 2017|

A survey reveals why the most of enterprise softwares which are already on the market, do not satisfy users’ needs.

The study brings to the surface all the problems that employees/users find in the use of the enterprise software currently on […]

CRM: benefits of Customer Relationship Management

By |Gennaio 16th, 2017|

The Italian companies that in the last 5 years have adopted CRM strategies are increasingly more.

Customer Relationship Management, often known with its acronym CRM, consists in all those practices which are necessary for a company to collect data and information […]

Business processes: the most common factors causing their inefficiency

By |Gennaio 10th, 2017|

Which are the organisational lacunas that often cause processes interruptions or malfunctioning within a company?

The management of business processes meets lacunas or difficulties which are considered routine but that, more often than not, involve more dangers than what is believed, […]

Customer support: what a customer service has to provide

By |Gennaio 10th, 2017|

Customer support is a fundamental part of a company business, it’s all in the ability to provide to customers what they expect.

A customer service worthy of its name, is based on the knowledge of customers, their targeting is a fundamental […]

Dicembre 2016

The software in your mind

By |Dicembre 27th, 2016|

Always caring for the needs of your company? Look ahead with our tailor-made software.

Every company […]

Efficiency and efficacy in business: what they are and why are so important

By |Dicembre 23rd, 2016|

Often the terms “efficiency” and “efficacy” are used indistinctly, but they have very different meanings.

Those of efficiency and efficacy are concepts that in business world have a considerable importance and the confusion we have about their meanings can affect even […]