A survey reveals why the most of enterprise softwares which are already on the market, do not satisfy users’ needs.

The study brings to the surface all the problems that employees/users find in the use of the enterprise software currently on the market.
This difficulties often lead to the non-use of the expensive softwares purchased by the company and to the arise of the so called Shadow IT, with its related security problems.

The investigation bring to the light results revealing a dissatisfaction which is probably linked to the incapacity of prioritizing users’ practice needs, of that IT world part which deals with enterprise softwares.
75% of the respondents says that access the information needed takes too long, and another 62% declares that to do it, depends on other people, 74% would like to be able to make customized researches to benefit only from what is needed in a certain time, without juggling among useless data, 69% would like enterprise softwares to have a mobile and responsive version, to reach the information needed from any place and at any time, optimized according to the device used.

The report brings out that, what users really want is represented by a unique tool, designed and studied according to their real needs, a software characterized by the synergy of different fundamental factors, such as: security, reliability, flexibility, stability, ease and agility of use.

A single platform which standardizes all the business processes, allows a massive storage of data, their elaborazione and analysis, which is intuitive and easy to use, to not juggle among different software and to not waste time that could be used to reach corporate objectives and a greater productivity.