Digital revolution doesn’t affect only big corporates but it is becoming an increasingly necessary condition even for SMEs.

Despite European SMEs are fully aware of the advantages that the implementation of digital tools and procedures would bring, the fear of high costs is higher. The truth is that digitalization is less unaccessible than what is thought, and that, in most cases, it provides costs reduction and turnover increase.

Unlike small and medium enterprises which haven’t adopted digital technologies yet, SMEs that have already undertaken the digitalization process, are experiencing a faster growth thanks only to the use of simple tools and resources which allow them to be an active part of what is called digital economy.

For many of them, the first step through digital transformation it is represented by the adoption of cloud systems, whether they are CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, enterprise cooperation tools or e-commerce applications.

Which are the advantages deriving from their use?
SMEs which are using those instruments are the same that have had a turnover increase, also due to the growing of productivity and sales, are those that have reported costs reduction and communication improvement, in terms of time and information accessibility, a better workflow and processes simplification.

These technological solutions of the latest generation ensure small companies, which are rethinking their management in terms of digitalization, develop with their use, an efficiency level and consequent competitiveness that allow them to compare themselves even with big corporations which have always been relevant in the modern market which is fast and global.